Master of Bible Theology Courses

GBNT-500    Acts of the Apostle

GBNT-506    In-Depth Study of the Book of James

GBNT-520    Romans I

GBNT-524    20th Century Church History

GBOT-550    Between the Testaments

GBOT-510    The Life of Moses

GBOT-521    The Tabernacle of Moses

GBTH-585     Covenants: Basis of Church and Marriage

GBPA-510     Discipleship: God’s Call to Discipline

GCED-510     Intentional Christianity (Book Required)

GBPA-520     Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

GBTH-560     Graduate Hermeneutics

GBTH-553     Spiritual Warfare III

                        Master Program Completion

Research and Study (Open Bible)

Thesis (35-50 pages double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margin)