The Ministry Prep Certificate program is designed for individuals who are Alumni of the Ministry Preparatory Training & Bible College, for those who already have a biblical degree, and for students not pursing a diploma in ministry.

The purpose of the Certificate Program is to keep student’s spiritual growth active in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus. As iron sharpens iron, students’ participation in the Certificate program gives the Holy Spirit an opportunity to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Lord as well as a greater measure of Christian character.

As new classes are developed, the Alumni of the school may register for these classes, or simply return to repeat classes. New students with degrees from other colleges are welcomed to enroll in the certificate program.

Cost for the Certificate Program varies and may range from $50 for one course to $200 for full time trimester courses. Classes meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month during the hours of 1:15 to 2:30 pm.


Course BNT 221

The Book of Colossians

A teaching on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Church at Colossae and its effect on believers today.

Books for Course:  TAST Curriculum BNT 221

Course BPA 216

Jubilee: Our Return to God’s Original Blueprint

A teaching emphasizing the biblical significance of the Jubilee Festival and its application for the New Testament believer.

Book for Course: TSDH Curriculum BPA 216

Course BTH 210

God’s Creative Power For Healing

A study of God’s Word as medicine for the body with applications of meditating on the Word for release into the soul; hermeneutics employed.

Books for Course: TSDH Curriculum 10, God’s Creative Power For Healing by Charles Capps

Course BPA 226

Prayers That Bring Healing

A teaching that covers the mechanics and methods of prayer for healing through the meditation of the Scriptures.

Books for Course: TSDH Curriculum BPA 226; Prayers that Bring Healing by John Eckhardt;  Journal

Course BTH 240


A study of biblical principles for growth and spiritual development.

Books for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 240

Course BTH 237


A study of the New Testament principles governing life in the spirit realm.

Books for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 237

Course BTH 238

Our Compassionate God

A study of God’s covenant love and mercy toward mankind.

Books for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 238

Course BPA 227

God’s Prosperity Plan

Course covers principles governing honoring God with our time, talents and substances for the New Testament believer.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BPA27

Course BPA 231


A study of the virtues believers have been called to experience as new creations in the Lord.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BPA 231

Course BTH 234

Fundamental Christian Doctrines

A study of the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul.

Books for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 34; Paul’s System of Truth by Mark Hankins

Course BTH 236

The Ministry of The Holy Spirit, Part 3: The Emblems of the Holy Spirit

A study of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the redemptive plan of God. Course covers the various emblems of the Holy Spirit and their effect in the life of believers.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH36

Course BTH 229

Understanding Righteousness

Course is a commentary on the types of righteousness that mankind can operate in and expounds on the acceptable righteousness appointed by God.

Book for Course: The Force of Righteousness by Kenneth Copeland; TAST Curriculum 29

Course BTH 230

John 17: The Lord’s Prayer

A verse by verse commentary on John chapter 17 and its significance to the Church Age.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 230

Course BOT 216

A Study of Psalm 119

Course is a verse by verse commentary on the entire of Psalm 119.

Books for Course: Psalm 119: A Commentary Outline by Chester McCalley; TAST Curriculum BOT 216

Course BNT 217

The Book of Ephesians

A verse by verse commentary on the Book of Ephesians including: author, demographics and cultural backdrop.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BNT 217

Course BTH 251

Know the Enemy

A teaching on how to identify the strategies of the enemy and guard the heart against his attacks.

Books for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 251

Course BOT 205

A Study of the Book of Proverbs

This course focuses on living life with skill.  Students will learn techniques on how to walk in the wisdom of God.

Books for Course: Portraits in Proverbs by Chester McCalley; TAST Curriculum  BOT 205

Course BPR 206

Prophetic Bridges, Part 1 (Messiah’s First Coming)

This course gives Scriptural evidence on how the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ are the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. 

Books for Course: Prophetic Bridges by Chester McCalley;                                               TAST Curriculum BTH 206

Course BTH 233

Cultivating our Relationship With God

A teaching on the power of God’s love working in and through us and how to develop a love-of-God consciousness.

Books for the course: TAST Curriculum BTH233; The Miraculous Realm of God’s Love by Kenneth Copeland

Course BPA 244

The Good Fight of Faith

This helpful and simple handbook on faith explains: what faith is, how faith works, and how to effectively operate in the good fight of faith.

Books for Course: TAST Curriculum BPA 244; The Good Fight of Faith by Dick Braswell

Course BTH 224

True Worship

This course defines worship, the place of worship, kingly and priestly duties of the worshiper and steps of ascension in worship.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BTH 224

Course BPA 236

The Book of Romans: Chapters 1-3

This course takes a look at the legal side of faith and the believer’s right standing before God. Book by Chester McCalley

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BPA 236

Course BPA 237

Little Foxes

This course teaches the things to avoid in order to grow in spiritual maturity.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum 33; Little Foxes by

Course BPA 235

Free to Be Whole

This course covers the New Testament concept of redemption and how to apply the principles to everyday life.

Book for Course: TAST Curriculum BPA 235

Course BPA 222

The Bible Healing Study Course

This course teaches biblical evidence that healing is for today and answers some of the “tuff” questions about the will of God to heal.

Book for Course: TSDH Curriculum BPA 222; Bible Healing Study Course by Kenneth Hagin

Course BPR 243

Prophetic Bridges, Part 2 (Messiah’s Second Coming)

This is a continuation of the study on prophecy fulfilled by Messiah Jesus. Part two covers all the predictions concerning Messiah Jesus’ Second Coming to reign as King over both Jews and Gentiles.

Books for course: TAST Curriculum BPR 243

Course BTH 207

Zoe: The New Nature Within

Course covers the essence and source of the new nature; the law governing the new nature, and the benefits of the new nature.

Book for Course: TSDH Curriculum BTH 207

Course BPA 230

The Force of Faith

Course covers faith at work in the re-created human spirit; faith and patience as the power twins.

Book for Course:  Curriculum BPA 230; The Force of Faith by Kenneth Copeland

Requirements for Completion of the Certificate Program

All students completing classes from the Certificate Program receive a certificate of completion. However, no certificate is issued to Alumni for repeated courses.  Students are allowed to register for three (3) courses per trimester.