(International College of Bible Theology)

In the Bachelor Degree Program students will obtain additional information about productive citizenship in the Kingdom of God, conducting spiritual warfare, operating in the anointing, and in-depth teachings on the books of the Bible.

Course: (ICBT) BTH-331

The Believer’s Anointing

A study on how to recognize, develop, and release God’s resident anointing through the believer. Suggested text book—The Holy Spirit Today—Dick Iverson Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH-442

Spiritual Warfare II

A study on understanding the enemy and his tactics. Also, the power inherent within the New Testament Believer. Suggested text book—The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Ed Murphy                                                                           Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH 101


A detailed look at obedience and obedient characters throughout the Bible. Suggested text book—Becoming a Person of Excellence by John Chacha                   Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT)BPA 360

 Ethics and Excellence

A study of the importance of ethics and excellence in the believer and ministry, including excerpts from the Old and New Testament. Suggested text book—An Introduction to Biblical Ethics by Robertson McQuilkin                                            Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH-343

Systematic Theology III

A study of Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Hamartiology, and Soteriology. Suggested text book—Renewal Theology by J. Rodman Williams

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BNT-321

Romans I

A study of Paul’s letter to the Romans, chapters one through eight. Suggested textbook—The Epistle to the Romans by Kevin Conner

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BPA -350


A look at integrity and the believer, stressing the importance of integrity in the believer’s life. Suggested textbook—Successful Christianity by Dr. Roger Price

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH -351

New Testament Church History (2 Trimesters)

A study of Early New Testament history and its impact on modern civilization. This course is to be taught for two (2) trimesters. Suggested text book—The Church in History by B. K. Kuiper

Credit Hours: 6

Course: (ICBT) BPA -333

Nature of Faith

This course teaches about the God-kind of Faith.

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) ADM-311

Leadership in Ministry I

A study in Ministerial leadership, including the responsibilities and obstacles of leadership, and learning the basic tenants of leadership. Suggested textbook—Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BPR -333

Bible Prophecy

This course deals with the fundamentals of Biblical Prophecy and its interpretation. Suggested textbook—The Prophets of Israel by Leon J. Wood

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BNT -311

Pauline Epistles I

A study of Pauline Epistles from the Book of Galatians through II Thessalonians. Suggested textbook—The Hayford Bible Handbook

Credit Hours: 3

Course:  (ICBT) BOT -444

Old Testament IV (Major Prophets)

A study of the Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel. Suggested textbook—The Prophets of Israel by Dr. Leon J. Wood

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH -460

Biblical Hermeneutics

An introduction to interpretation of Biblical text. Suggested textbook—Understanding and Applying the Bible by Robertson McQuilkin

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BNT -332

Romans II

A study of the latter half of the Letter written by Paul to the Church at Rome, chapters nine through sixteen. Suggested textbook—The Epistle to the Romans by Kevin Conner

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BNT -422

Pauline Epistles II

A study of I and II Corinthians, I and II Timothy, Titus and Philemon. Suggested textbook—The Hayford Bible Handbook

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BOT -455

Old Testament V (Minor Prophets)

A study of Israel under God’s Theocratic rule and Man’s rule. Suggested textbook—The New Manners and Customs of the Bible

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH -454

Systematic Theology IV

A study of Pneumatology and Divine Healing. Suggested textbook—Foundations of Christian Doctrine by Kevin Conner

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH -492

Christ Our Healer

An introduction to the healing ministry of Christ. Suggested textbook—Christ Our Healer by Drake Travis

Credit Hours: 3

Course: (ICBT) BTH -490

Blood Covenant

An in-depth look at Blood Covenanting in the Bible with emphasis on the Blood Covenant of Jesus Christ.

Credit Hours: 3

Course (ICBT) MIS -340

Comparative Religions

A study of world religions including false cults in comparison to Christianity.

Credit Hours: 3

Course (ICBT) BPR -455

Revelation Encounter

This course gives a solid introduction and overview of the contents in the Book of Revelation. Suggested textbook—Interpreting the Book of Revelation—Kevin Conner

Credit Hours: 3

Requirements for Completion of the Bachelor Degree Program

Students enrolled in the Bachelor Degree Program must have an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, Ministry, or Bible Theology, plus an additional twenty-four (24) ICBT courses for a total of one hundred forty-four (144) credit hours. Students are also required to complete a Ministerial Practicum.