The Correspondence Ministry School (CMS) is one of the off-campus components of the Ministry Preparatory Training School & Bible College that allows individuals, who are unable to attend a regular classroom setting, the opportunity to receive the training they need in order to prepare for effective ministry.

There are minimum educational restrictions for participants in this program. A High School diploma or GED is only required if the student enrolls in the A Degree component of the school.

What is expected of students enrolled in CMS? Students are asked to read course materials thoroughly before answering questions.

  • All Course work must be completed within the trimester assigned, and before new trimester begins.
  • Make sure all homework is written so that professors can clearly understand it.
  • Check work thoroughly to make sure that all questions have been answered.
  • Mail completed work to the Main Office in a timely manner.

CMS offers two areas of study: Diploma Program and Associate Degree Program. Students must complete seven (7) trimesters of study.


Students must complete 28 courses, with a passing grade, as follows:

  • Seven (7) courses from the School of Ministry (SOM)
  • Seven (7) courses from the School of Divine Healing (SDH)
  • Twelve (12) courses from The Advanced School of  Theology (TAST)
  • Two (2) courses from The School of Research & Development (SRD)

Cost for training: Diploma Program $250 per trimester; cost per trimester includes Curriculums, textbooks and shipping fees.  


(MPTS and ICBT combined program)

In order to enroll in the CMS Associate Program, student must have a High School Diploma or a GED. In addition student must have completed the CMS Diploma Program or be a current student in the program.

Course requirement for students enrolled in the CMS Associate Degree Program are:

  • Seven (7) courses from the School of Ministry (SOM)
  • Seven (7) courses from the School of Divine Healing (SDH)
  • Fourteen (14) courses from The Advanced School of Theology (TAST)
  • Four (4) ICBT courses with a 4-6 page Research Paper per course
  • Associate Degree Exit Exam (Open Bible)

The cost for the CMS Associate Degree Program is $350 per trimester. Cost includes Curriculums and textbooks (CMS only) and curriculum (ICBT only) for each trimester plus shipping fees. Not included in this fee is registration fee ($100) and cap & gown rental of $150 for graduation (price may vary depending on robe rental cost).